President Welcome Note

Dear APEAR Members, Friends, and Colleagues,

Employee Assistance in the Modern Age: Improving Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

We are living and working in an era of the greatest amount of change in our history. Such continual change is creating increasingly more complex issues that employees and organisations need to respond to. In more recent times this has played out globally in its impact on employee health and well-being leading to increasing challenges in organisational productivity. The inherent complexity of many of the issues requires new approaches in terms of both preventing a deterioration in employee engagement and wellbeing as well as responding more efficaciously to those experiencing significant mental health issues.

We invite you to attend the forthcoming APEAR Conference where you will have the opportunity to listen, learn, and engage in stimulating discussion about what organisations can proactively do in maintaining the highest level of employee engagement, well-being and productivity in these challenging times.

I am looking forward to personally welcoming you in Bangalore, India on May 3rd.


Ian Shakespeare
BSc (Psychology); MBA; MAPS
President, APEAR