Optum is hosting the 16th International APEAR Conference 2018 in Bangalore on May 3rd and 4th 2018. The theme for the conference is ‘EAP in the Modern Age: Employee Engagement’.

The conference aims to educate on how to create a sustainable and profitable workplace and will include keynote speakers to talk on various wellness and employee engagement topics.

This is a great forum for Employers, Mental Health Professionals, EAP Providers, EAP Professionals, Wellness Providers, Payers and Insurers to showcase their work and learn from the regional and global market leaders.

A sneak peek into the topics over the two day conference

  • EAP and Digital Engagement Platforms – Modern days Wellbeing platforms to complement an existing EAP program.
  • Education on handling mental health, stress, and addictions in the workplace
  • Regional Trends, EAP Acceptance and Best practices – Learn from the Industry Leaders.
  • Understanding how Multinational Employers in APAC and India successfully run and embrace Modern EAP.
  • Learn various modern ways to promote EAP and Wellness initiatives for better employee engagement