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Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable

As a not-for-profit organization, the Asia Pacific Employee Assistance Roundtable (APEAR) is a regional forum for the promotion of the highest standards of practice and continuing development of Employee Assistance professionals, providers and services. Employee Assistance (EA) is a work-based program designed to improve organizational performance through the provision of structured management and employee support services.

Call for Papers

Who attends APEAR Conferences?

Since 2003, APEAR has attracted a growing number of industry leaders, line supervisors, health professionals, trainers, human resource professionals, medical advisors and those interested in employee work performance, productivity and safety. Registrants come from across Canada, US, Australia, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe and Singapore. In addition to networking, registrants pick up skills on a variety of topics that address people wellness and effectiveness from different countries and customise it as per their needs.

Why should Consultants and Professionals Register

As the Theme is “WELLNESS. PRODUCTIVITY. OUTCOME.” this Conference is for novice, career, general or specialist professionals and Consultants who:

  •  Want to understand the changes that have come about in Wellness Programs in Corporates
  •  Want the latest on employees’ mental health impact on productivity
  •  Seek to understand workers’ needs and expectations, especially in developing markets
  •  Aim to pick up skills to supplement their work and career advancement
  •  Examine the importance of engaging employees for better productivity
  •  Require to examine how EAPs can be a strategic management tool
  •  Need to explain to management why mental fitness helps the bottom line
  •  Need to understand the longterm affects, influence and outcome of EAPs in an organisation.

Rapid Growth

Asia is in the middle of rapid growth and changes in economy and the workplace is at the center of it all. The rapid growth has initiated lifestyle changes and brought with it serious health & wellness issues which can be addressed by EAPs.

Explore EAP

Learn how EAPs can play a key role in helping the employer manage issues, foster the right climate for change & resiliency, & play a partner role in addressing the health & productivity of employees, while providing our customers with objective & scientifically gather outcome data.

Learn & Share

These conferences becomes a fantastic venue for us to share what we have learned, where we see the EAP field heading, and a little about our own programs and successes.

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Help us make a difference and partner with us today . APEAR has over the years made a significant impact not only on how EAP is done traditionally but also in sharing and highlighting how we can change with modern needs and lives challenges. Make this conference a success.

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